Pokemon Theme Battle - Dragon Ball Z Ft. Original151

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2016-08-25 7,907 346 559,125 YouTube

Let's Shoot for 3,000 Likes? Check out our Metronome Battle HERE! https://youtu.be/Y4BYwG1KFAQ Welcome to the 5th week of our Theme Battles! Honestly, this was one of my favorite teams because of how perfect some of these Pokemon fit in with the character... Mewtwo as Frieza, Reshiram as Omega Shenron, or even Deoxys as Goku, I loved them all! And we hope you do too! Be sure to leave a like if you enjoyed the video, its appreciated a ton. Also be sure to subscribe for more videos like this! See you guys next week! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Subscribe to Original151 here! http://bit.ly/2bi7hth ► Twitter: http://twitter.com/ethandobbs ► Facebook: http://facebook.com/DobbsTV ► Twitch: http://twitch.tv/ethandobbs ✔Join Curse YouTube Network! http://bit.ly/29iH7l3 ✔Support My Channel! http://bit.ly/29iHsnF Check out my featured videos here! Rarest Pokemon: http://bit.ly/29iLEEa Unreleased Pokemon: http://bit.ly/1OtVqB8 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sources: Confetti Effect: http://bit.ly/2ai2i7J Intro/Outro music: http://bit.ly/1UAtyBu Goku Pixel: http://bit.ly/2bp82y5 Infernape in thumbnail: http://bit.ly/2bp8fkN