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There’s nothing more freeing and liberating than automating repetitive tasks. In fact, for one of my WordPress websites, I was spent roughly 5-6 hours a day manually curating content from a variety of websites and files. Then, I painstakingly created WordPress posts for each piece of content by hand. It didn’t take long for these repetitive actions to get old and boring in short order. Then I had a light bulb moment: why not use automation since the daily process makes use of identically formatted files? Man, I’m smart! :D So smart that it only took 6 months for me to realize that I could programmatically PHP automate everything right down to scheduling each WordPress post. In this tutorial, I walk through step-by-step instruction of how to programmatically create a simple PHP script to create WordPress posts and pages. Now, instead of 5-6 hours of daily manual work, I simply upload the my files to a web server and use an automated daily cron job to create and schedule WordPress posts. I’ve gone from hours down to exactly 3 minutes tops of manual labor. Are you ready to get your time back with a bit of programmatic PHP magic? Then head on over to