Budgie - Bumper 2' (1996, UK VHS)

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2018-06-12 10 3 5,520 YouTube

Meet those famous flying characters which are creatively brought to life in this wonderful compliation of the 2nd TV series, now yours to treasure forever on video. Enjoy 13 classic episodes and watch as the bravest, nippiest, cheekiest, friendliest little helicopter gets himself into all manner of fixes! If he isn't getting into trouble, he's getting out of it. If he isn't dozing off, he's flying off. Joining his usual group of airborne chums are Wally and Jean Claude his new found friends! Budgie and all his friends enjoy adventure after adventure - stories for all young children bringing fun to the airwaves! All episodes: Budgie Sticks To It, Skids, Stunts and Soap, Aliens Have Landed, Who's A Clever Budgie?, Blown Up, Let Down, Wally Waddles In, The Balloon Goes Up, Surprise, Surprise, Deep Sleep, Bad News, Good News, Budgie Barges In, Dutch Courage, Budgie's Opening Goal. Programme Running Time Approx. 143 mins. (C) 1995 HRH The Duchess of York under exclusive licence to The Sleepy Kid Company Limited. All rights reserved. (C) 1996 First Independent Films Limited. All rights reserved.