PT-Cruiser - 2010-01-03 - Frozen Snow (Everything Frozen...)

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2010-01-03 2 968 Vimeo

WARNING : Turn sound down - Loud Prop Noise ! I am STILL TINGLING from this flight earlier today. It was just awesome, the plane, the setting, it all just worked. Today was my first flight in two months, mostly due to the weather and also seasonal commitments and I also visited the US for a week just before Christmas. So, the UK has had some real bad weather and a lot of early snow. We have had more snow that i know of in the last 9 years. The trouble is, we get the snow one day, and then it freezes solid for the next 7 days. What you see here in the picture is x-snow now frozen rock solid.. The pond i flew from is frozen all the way through as the ground temperature is -4C. If you see what look like blue water ponds, its not, they're frozen over too. The night temps around here has been as low as -7C and todays high was 0C. So, why am i so excited. Well, i built a new wing for my PT-C and have not flown it yet. So in this vid, i had to take off, trim etc etc whilst trying to get a good video :) I didnt use any gyro or other asisstance in todays flight, this was only cold fingers :) Also, It was a glorius sunny day, with this white stuff all around, and then this gorgeous frozen pond and my PT-C. I just had to take off and land on this pond. It was just breathtaking. Never have we had it this cold where i could do this. I've seen Paul do it a few times (and go throught :) ) but thats "normal" for his area. I fired up the PT-C, opened up and within meters she was in the air, just stunning. The air was generally calm and i flew out as far as 900 feet (no OSD etc today) then circling round etc.. it was just great. The landing was just stunning, i came in nice and smooth, turned round and into the wind for the slowest most perfect landing ever. I did find out afterwards that my cam batt stopped 3 minutes from the end :( This was due to it not being used for 2 months, everything else was charged fresh this morning. Sorry i dont have the landing included, this was a highlight for me. Oh, and yes, i had to taxi round the ice back to the pits :) I hope you enjoy the bits i have included here, some of the scenery is very pretty. Thanks for watching... Plane : The "PT-Cruiser" Motor : AXI 2820-14 outrunner Prop : APC-S 12X8 Batt : 2 X Evo 2100 3S1P FlightPower ESC : Phoenix 45A Transmitter : JR PCM9XII Receiver : JR R900S Data Logger : EagleTree eLogger