Young Monkey - Forever Parody

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2012-04-06 4 1,666 Vimeo

A parody of Drake's "Forever" video about our math teacher from high school HOOK (eleventyone): It may not mean nothing to ya'll But understand nothing was done for him So he don't plan on stopping at all Solve for x forever man, ever man Checkin out nerdy girls at the mall but they say they suck at geometry can't even use a calculator Solve for x forever man, ever man VERSE (eleventyone): Last name Garrett. First name Christopher. Call him Gare Bear cause he cares about the Algebra. Started off with stats, but thanks to all the haters, He's makin math magical frickin abracadabra. Munchin' on his favorite snack afta class, Ho Ho. He insists on giving people detentions, oh no. Spazzin limbs but still like a turtle, loko. Gare can score tang like TDs, Tebow. Panties drop on the spot when he adds and subtracts math probs, you got a problem? Better check yo facts. Substitutes want his numba, like kids want Big Macs. Voice so monotone you'll wanna take a couple naps. Yeah, Garrett, you about your business He says rise over run'll find the slope on an axis. Giving more assignments than presents on Christmas. Young Monkey's eleventyone was one to witness this Chris. VERSE (McDuds): Eva eva Mr. Garrett's in the building. Aint no question he about to school em. I used to have bad grades Low D's, No A's Stuck my 8 equals D inna 'quation till the answer came. He went hard all year like a mathlete just so he could win the numba 1 trophy. Y'all seen his smooth wit he's legit I had seen him woo the ladies you can say he went to Jared. When Mr. Garrett calls ya out for homework and ya don't have it Floats like a butterfly stings like a bee, whaat? nuttin. Now a couple math geeks baking him up this pie I'm talkin 3.14159265 You would think Gare couldn't get babes but he ain't shy like they was down for him plus 2 chicks in a ride. Hm he's such an educator. Dressed as an OG like Danny Tanner. Legend says he's crazy like a Russian with a molotov All my classmates screamin to celebrate "mazel tov!" IQ's brighter flyin higher than Santa's Rudolph. Makin class easier than a round of putt putt golf Better at teachin than Ash trainin Pokemon to evolve. "Plug and chug" he always said in class to solve. VERSE (Miller Time): Ok. Hello, Mr. Garrett. Teach me how to square it. Get up and do equations smarter than those Asians. But he is just Caucasian. Straight math problem blazin. If I had one guess then I guess he's just amazing. He will never stop till he teaches us a lot. Monotone voice just like a robot. In his class for 2 weeks, but then I had to drop. But what should I stay for? He was kind of a bore. But when I left all he said was "see you later." Not a hater or a masterbater. Let the king talk. Listen up and pay attention. It's Miller Time rappin outta his detention. I'm like Mr. Garrett in the middle of class. Hand on my back legs goin wack. Shhh. Stupid voice makes people laugh. Fuck math class. Let's light up the hash. VERSE (EddieNCdublJ): There he goes whiter than those pistachios and bozos uh oh make y'all extinct like dodos, you don't know College profs slackin off and getting laid off He is the boss killin these profs like Hitler, Adolf As not Bs no Cs or Ds loves big ole Ts equal like isosceles His favorite theorem: Pythagorean, geometry's G's cup of tea and algebra he'll pee on, come on When it comes to this math game Fuckin insane is Garrett's brain mind so big it retarded like Jahr Jahr thinks so fast it crazy like NASCAR He's makin a calculation to an equation that could give a man an abrasion but to Garrett it's like masturbation or maybe even like urination man your station cuz this is fuckin Garrett nation cleaning up; sanitization You're dealin with a true math villain continue your tudorin and maybe learn a thing He knows much He taught a frog Dutch Stole Hawkins lunch and fucked Gates a bunch All other math teachers clear the aisle cuz the man'll be steppin on you like kitchen tile Thinking you smart cuz you can do quadratic well Mr. G can solve it automatic Your mind to his is only problematic And yours stays static