Metopio | artes del movimiento | javier martin

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2017-12-27 1 177 Vimeo

Y los cuerpos abandonan la naturalidad y se dejan ganar por el sentido estético del ritmo. metopio | artes del movimiento | agosto’17 Museo Universitario del Chopo | Ciudad de México | Festival BullShit Acción Cultural Española, AC/E About metopio_ Bodies modified our environment, they have a kind of particular presence that brings movement to the space they occupy. Feeling those flows of shapes, it implies a kynesthesic communication. ‘metopio’ is a contemporary dance solo performance, with music by Leyland Kirby. A project of artistic intervention, based on the rigours of improvisation, where the present bodies in each occasion, those of the spectators and the one of the dancer, intervene and participate on the space, configuring the piece. ‘metopio’ has become in this way a singular intervention that has dialogued with the specific environment of a theatre, a museum hall, a historical building and other symbolic architectures, enriching and growing from the meanings and the particular charges of each place. “The aim is to talk about some tools for self-perception and for the management of the movement and the environment, which are being revealed from the performing arts, with a trans approach. It turns out interesting to bring up a meeting around the future of new physical and conceptual maps of the body that may favour and foster individual, social and political evolution, so as to find out new and stimulating paradigms able to activate the present. “ About the artist_ javier martín (A Coruña, Spain). choreographer and performer, he conducts a research on performing arts with an epistemological approach. His work is based on improvisation as his main creative method and an accurate stage language. Since 2005 he has released more than 30 pieces of his own creation, such as ‘la exforma’, ‘control‘, ‘el ansia‘ (the hunger), ‘el antiedipo o el homúnculo‘ (antiedipus aut homunculus), ‘el estado crudo‘ (the raw state), or ‘symptoma‘, the last one in collaboration with the Russian musician Oleg Karavaichuk. With a scientific academic background (he studied Chemistry and specialised on quantum mechanics) and with a special interest on Philosophy, his work as an artist draws from several sources. Octavio Mas, lightning technician, brings his sensitivity and know how to the artistic project of the company. His work has been presented in Spain, France, Russia, Ukraine, Portugal and Mexico.