Up North for Christmas

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2015-01-20 4 469 Vimeo

This isn't a professional video, and that's okay with me. I sometimes like to make videos of family events or adventures, and this Christmas I decided it was time to make another. I tried hard to only film for a few minutes at a time so that I could actually spend time with my family, but I think I got most of our activities in here. :) I also made this to test out two things: the GoPro Hero 4 Black's low light ability, as you can see from the quadcopter shots, and a lower-cost lens adapter for my a7s with the brand name Camera Plus, which you can find here, if you're a masochist: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00JOEP7FG/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 I think the Hero 4 worked pretty well in the low light environment. I had the ISO limited to 400 to avoid extra noise, but it still was able to pick up the lights at the Bentleyville light show in Duluth, MN. The image seemed to get a bit less sharp, and I think the shutter may have been reduced a little too much to gain some light (there seemed to be some ghosting in a couple quick panning shots that isn't normally there when in bright sunlight and the shutter speed is higher). Overall, I think it worked well. The lens adapter, as you may have guessed from my earlier comment, was a nightmare. It suffered tremendously from light reflections inside the adapter, which is especially prominent at Bentleyville. Flares everywhere. It also didn't have a tight fit on the camera body or lens, and I think this contributed to the fact that the adapter wouldn't retain a connection to the lenses I was using. When I was using my Rokinon 35mm 1.4, it was not a problem, since there aren't any electronics to connect, but if I was using a lens with autofucus or IS, the adapter would lose connection, and it didn't seem to be a consistent event that would trigger this loss of connection. When I went sledding down the hill with my son, I was holding the camera out with one hand, and the camera recorded the entire time just fine, but when I tried to film someone else while going down the hill, the adapter would lose connection and stop the recording on the camera. I had several such recordings cut short because of this, and it was infuriating! Especially since I wanted to limit the time I was spending shooting my family, I found my mobility severely hindered. Unless you're going to use it as a "dumb" adapter, you should probably avoid it. Oh, and that Nutcracker Suite music box was so cool! It would actually go through the entire play and show scenes and portions of the songs on this rotating platform. Probably the coolest such device I've ever seen. :) Music is by Dexter Britain "The Holiday Excitement". Used with permission under Creative Commons license.