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2010-04-29 1 18,680 Vimeo

336,284 Views - Google/Youtube Video - No Band Rocks the internet Quite like the Mighty Greenhouse Effect From Redondo Beach California and With their hundreds of thousands of Twitter followers, Email lists, Jango and Pandora net Radio Airplay Galore, ...there is never to Seldom a cyberspace let down of a day for the always Entertaining G.e. and Clark Hagins; "For years, G.e. couldn't get arrested" says Hagins for Rock City Boston "But now, our incredible talents and songs really shine all across the web and our multitudes of Twitters keep the World Wide fans a comin' non-stop !!" Greenhouse Effect seem to thrive mainly off their Great Songs and Songwriting and tunes like the "Black Or White Song" and "Brandy" have made them the talk of Los Angeles and the South Bay and beyond to Canada, New Jersey, Boston, and Germany to Japan...."Coke Snorting" ranks as one of the World's most Watched and downloaded Songs. "We've got great material and so many kind people back in the South bay (Torrance / Redondo Beach California - The home of Pennywise and 98 Mute) and alot of people in general, kept the buzz of us going on for years until we were able to really break through to the world in the 2000's with the web ,...I had many close personal friends of mine - and even enemies too - who told me to 'never give up' and keep that special feeling in my heart and mind for G.e. to make it big one day - forever,....I would indeed say that G.e. has made it big ,,..atleast in a big weird way" - And true it seems, the 'World's Most Watched Band" gets ready steady web traffic from places like Vodpod to Vimeo to BlipTv to Jango and Pandora Radios to just about EVERYWHERE ! "WE are watched alot" says Clark Hagins "We are often surfed and watched more THAN with the absolute biggest bands and solo artists in the world,..from Eminem to Madonna to Lady Ga ga to Susan Boyle to Justin Beiber,...G.e. gets watched about LIKE THAT" - - The band that "Doesn't Sound like anyone else" seems to take Great Pride in their Strange uniqueness; "We are like a bizarre Combination of Rush, The Police, U2, and the Reverse Engineers,...but if all those bands smoked Crack" says Hagins. - The band that routinely dabbles and dazzles in "Unspeakable truths" and Going where- other rock bands absolutely won't was once the Biggest Band on Youtube as G.e. were the absolute 'early pioneers' of internet Rock music marketing...gunning Millions of Views for 'Brandy' on a now defunct Account that Youtube shut down mysteriously one day in 2008; "Other bands will come and go" says Hagins "But there will NEVER be another Greenhouse Effect,..the way that we overwelm, swarm, and attack with Good catchy material in cyberspace,...Justin Beiber and Lady Gaga just don't stand up,....We will win in the long game of time" - Hagins says that his Love for "Progressive Rock Bands" such as Genesis, Rush, the Police, Yes, Reverse Engineers, Gentle Giant, and Captain Beyond fuels his writing ability at his "Blogs" which can be Very Long but Readers eagerly read as they enjoy their G.e. "G.e. is a guilty pleasure,...its easy to see that we certainly ARE NOT cool people,...We are a cheesey kind of band kinda like the 80's ,...Sorta like John Cougar Mellancamp or Tom Petty,....We can be at times very pop like that, fans have to be ready for what they are about to dig into,.....we aren't super fast heavy metal covered up from head to toe with tattoos,....We are nerdy guys who are losers,.....but 'that' can be what makes us so fucking cool to people; we seem very human,....when you behold G.e. ,..its like you're reading the diary of Ann Frank - or something like that,...its sad" Hagins says that the Mighty G.e. get a huge boost every time that they have a big Radio Airplay campaine at Jango.Airplay.Radio.FM; "Jango Radio is the key for bands who don't have a record Label - like mine - but who wanna be HUGE ANYWAY,....EVERY BAND NEEDS TO GET ON THERE and pay them the money,....Sure, is a Form of Payola,...but it is World Wide and the FCC can do nothing to stop it ,..or Pandora,...because they are on the Web" - Hagins is often at odds to explain the G.e. Sound to people and this can be indeed a form of stress; "I tell people that G.e. is like if Rush and Geddy Lee got together and hung out with Sting, Andy Sommers, and Stewert Copeland of the Police and maybe Phil Collins and Mike Rutherford of Genesis circa 1979 ,..but if they were all smoking crack ,...'THAT' would be G.e. " - Rock City Productions Online - A Full Service Record Label and Communications Organization - Boston Massachusetts - www.SuperNetCelebrities.Com