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00:07:50 SCR Operation & Testing

This video explains how an SCR (Silicon-Controlled-Rectifier) works, and how to test them. Link to my other "Super Sensitive" SCR video: ...

2015-05-18 00:07:50 82,581 YouTube

00:23:33 Basic Electronic Components - The Thyristor (SCR)

This is an in depth look at how the silicon controlled rectifier works. I explain it's basic operation and uses as well as demonstrate this component in a simple ...

2017-01-25 00:23:33 49,327 YouTube

00:13:17 SCR v.1.3 (Class 158 + 508)

SCR's new trains just released - and they have amazing interiors! ~Special mentions~ Everyone - thanks for 4k! #roadto5k ~Intro/Outro Song~ King CAAN ft.

2019-05-18 00:13:17 6,387 YouTube

00:16:11 Silicon Controlled Rectifier- SCR Thyristor- Structure, Working, VI Characteristics, Operating Modes

This video lecturer is about Silicon Controlled Rectifier (SCR). Here you will learn the structure (construction), working and vi characteristic of a silicon controlled ...

2018-12-07 00:16:11 6,409 YouTube

00:06:20 GCR vs. MTG vs. SCR

GCR vs MTG vs SCR... Which is better? Shoutout to every1 who came to the stream ~ Social ~ Twitch - https://twitch.tv/jacktheg4m3ryt G+ ...

2018-12-30 00:06:20 17,393 YouTube

00:11:34 SCR extension to Whitefield

SCR v1.2 just released, and BOI IT LOOKS GOOD! I would say the route is worth it. Outro - Ikson - Here ~ Social ~ Twitter - https://twitter.com/G4m3rJackthe ...

2019-04-30 00:11:34 7,114 YouTube

00:10:10 Rigid Firearm Laws Ironically Create a BETTER Rifle? - FightLite SCR

In this video Gregg tells us about another legal option for California, (and other states that think pistol grips have anything to do with functionality). The FightLight ...

2019-02-14 00:10:10 229,155 YouTube

00:02:39 SCR unit SKKT92-12E

SCR unit SKKT92-12E The company SEMIKRON, one of the world's leading manufacturers of power electronics, is a leader in power modules. Many innovative ...

2012-05-15 00:02:39 60,372 YouTube

00:19:03 Lec 04 SCR (Silicon Controlled Rectifier)

Website : http://www.gatematic.in/ SUBSCRIBE : https://goo.gl/6b5CCc In this lecture i discussed one of the important power electronics devices i.e. SCR(Silicon ...

2017-02-13 00:19:03 123,477 YouTube

00:25:57 SCR - Tiristores - O que são e como funcionam!

SCR - Tiristores - O que são e como funcionam! Teoria e prática em AC e DC com um SCR! Na parte 2 veremos o TRIAC e o DIAC! Veja aqui: ...

2016-09-04 00:25:57 88,638 YouTube

00:11:37 SCR Phase Control

2015-03-09 00:11:37 63,292 YouTube

00:26:48 When AR15s are Illegal: SCR Rifle Review

Living in a restricted state? Maybe you'll find the SCR Rifle is legal there. Lacking those "evil" military features like pistol grip, collapsible stock, bayonet lug, and ...

2018-09-08 00:26:48 86,690 YouTube

00:01:23 lihat berapa kali dapat ultrabigwin

AsiaClub918⚜ Cari company yang Trusted? Jom mari join 24jam Service janji bayaR Fast service Best ✓tOp up 20 FREE 20 ✓tOp up 30 FREE 30 ✓tOp ...

2017-02-10 00:01:23 14,972 YouTube

00:01:44 What is an SCR?

What is an SCR? presented by Katie Rydzewski for Galco TV. Buy the items featured in this video at 800-337-1720 or visit: ...

2014-05-16 00:01:44 86,886 YouTube

00:30:09 SCR lacture in hindi part 1

By electrical capsules.

2018-05-02 00:30:09 30,501 YouTube

project C.A.R.S.- Exposé

Hopefully the first and and start of a new series called Exposé, series of cars slomo and poses of currently under development cars. These are mostly left ove...

2013-10-18 03:42 4,309 Vimeo


/ Main 3D Modeling & Megastructurist : Vitaly Bulgarov / / 3D Modeling, Scene, Animation & Post : Robbie Mueller / / Music : "Telepathy" by 2814 /...

2016-06-20 01:16 2,716 Vimeo

C Í R C U L O S · [Visual Poem]

· C Í R C U L O S · The road travelled becomes a prison... the return home is not what it used to be... extremely poetic images with hidden messages. ...

2018-09-23 04:08 2,039 Vimeo

F i r e C a s t C l u b

animation by V5MT soundtrack design by Joris Grelet ☯3CPV₮Σ☯...

2014-07-29 02:10 2,546 Vimeo


SURFIN IN MEXICO,,, Derek Dunfee Nic Lamb Oscar Moncada Jappey Tim Reyes CAMERA / EDIT:: Erik Derman...

2015-05-19 03:17 17,131 Vimeo

Q U A R T E R |||| I N C H E S

Suzi Analogue NNXTAPE Directed by Jamer$on © 2010 // produced by MNDSGN // // NNXTAPE | suzianalogue.bandcamp.com // // A N A L O G U E A V E N G E R S //...

2010-09-17 01:00 5,576 Vimeo


Tasty shrimps and cucumber pimped with fresh and cold tomato juice, spiced with chili, lime, Worcestershiresauce and salt, eaten out from a freshly opened cocon...

2014-06-17 01:30 6,928 Vimeo

L I V E . E X P E R I E N C E S

Feel the light, live experiences - Director : Germain Lalot - Writing & Casting : Claire Endress - Producer : Jb Lalot - ineoprod - Dop : Jean-Marie Delorme - ...

2015-12-22 01:14 9,972 Vimeo

g-h-o-s-t c-r-o-w-n (working title) 2014 (55 min)

Choreography by RoseAnne Spradlin at New York Live Arts, October 2014 Performed by devynn emory, Natalie Green, Athena Malloy, Saúl Ulerio, Rebecca Warner, w/ ...

2015-11-13 55:20 19,618 Vimeo

scooby.gr S.R.C track weekend 2009

4-5-6th December 2009. scooby.gr and friends spent three days at Serres Racing Circuit. Filmed with a Sony HDR SR10E, Canon EOS 500D and a Canon Legria HV40...

2010-01-01 04:55 4,855 Vimeo

U N I O N :: A R I C A :: S A U . C L

UNION es el primer trabajo desarrollado por South America Unite y el joven editor Patrick Perez, donde se busca mostrar el #SocialMovement de toda su Familia en...

2014-10-25 05:29 9,948 Vimeo


A personal piece exploring the idea of independence. Special thanks to Dan Turner and Dan Douglass. Music by Mount Kimbie. *DISCLAIMER* I do not own the aud...

2012-01-22 03:00 1,753 Vimeo


S I N T R Ó P I C A K U P A L U A Collaboration with Boris Eldagsen (image) and Labluxz_ (light) makeup by Camila Roriz, Paulo Scharlach and Kupalua...

2018-11-26 04:29 702 Vimeo

Delorentos - S.E.C.R.E.T.

Directed & Produced by Eoghan Kidney Shot by Michael Kelly Lead Cast: Aoibheann McCaul Fionn Kidney Isabel Mc Cann Karl Watson April Bracken Klara Mcdonnell ...

2009-09-07 03:45 6,396 Vimeo

s u m m e r s c a p e

Footage I took during the summer in western Maryland. This was taken at dusk on the night that Hurricane Irene struck New York City. The clouds were pretty rad....

2011-12-22 05:00 0 Vimeo