PAUL OAKENFOLD epic house and nu-trance DJ set in The Lab LA

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2015-02-07 6,282 345 764,784 YouTube

More Mixmag: More Oakenfold: More Perfecto Records: The Lab LA is powered by Void Acoustics: Streamed from The Project LA patio: The Lab LA is our weekly post-work party where we stream the best American and International DJs from our secret Hollywood location. Last Friday we had certified legend Paul Oakenfold take over the decks in celebration of 25 years of his Perfecto Records imprint. For over three decades Paul Oakenfold has been an enduring force at the top of the global dance music scene. Over the years he’s bagged Grammy nominations, scored Hollywood blockbusters, and can lay claim to being one of the crew of DJs that brought Ibiza's Balearic vibes to the UK and got the ball rolling on the British acid house movement. In 1990 Oakenfold launched his label Perfecto Records, and over the last 25 years has released music from major trance players like Paul van Dyk, Tiësto, BT, and of course Oakenfold himself. The label is dropping its 25th anniversary ‘Best of’ compilation on March 20, and features many of the massive tracks that defined Perfecto’s iconic sound of the years. Recognised as one of the Godfathers of British dance music and arguably the most important producer in trance, you don’t want to miss this opportunity to see this legend go large at our intimate spot in Hollywood.