850 meters (HD English version)

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2013-12-04 4,556 574,452 Vimeo

http://www.thuristar.com https://www.facebook.com/THURISTAR http://www.facebook.com/850meters Making of teaser : https://vimeo.com/17197909 Making of #1 : https://vimeo.com/19900536 Making of #2 : https://vimeo.com/22963108 Making of #3 : https://vimeo.com/28585796 Making of #4 : https://vimeo.com/38009169 850 METERS is an animated comedy short produced by THURISTAR in coproduction with Lunanime, currently screening in festivals. The short has also aired on CANAL+ in France and will soon be shown on Ketnet (VRT) and Ouftivi (RTBF) in Belgium. Synopsis : A not-so-brave knight is on a quest for Fame and Fortune - legend says rescuing a princess is the way to go. And in those same fairy tales, there's only one way to slay the dragon that hold the fair lady captive : find the invincible sword. To reach his goal, the knight is ready to go far. Maybe even as far as 850 meters... A THURISTAR -- Lunanime short film Starring Roger Flambé Written and directed by Joeri Christiaen Co-written and produced by Perrine Gauthier Coproduced by Annemie Degryse Music by Frederik Segers With the participation of CANAL+, pmG Worldwide (messiahStudio) and Temple of Tune With the support of the Flanders Audiovisual Fund and Provinciebestuur Oost Vlaanderen Taxshelter partner : BUSI (Business & Systems Integration) Image by Joeri Christiaen With help from Olivier Thill, Julien Schmitt, Wouter Aarts, Michael Mahy and Mette Tange 2D artwork : Andry Rajoelina Programming and rigging : Vegard Myklebust messiahStudio support : Fori Owurowa Sound design and mix : Temple of Tune / Fredo Gevaert and Jorka Decroubele Voice recording : Piste Rouge With the voices of : Manu Garijo, David Gasman, Mirabelle Kirkland and Barbara Beretta Music recording and premix : Boma Studio Lab : Studio L'Equipe Making-of by Antoine Kerninon FESTIVALS HISTORY : Awards: * AUDIENCE AWARD, Mundos Digitales Festival -- Spain, July 2013 Mentions: * SPECIAL MENTION (adult jury) International Film Festival for Children and Youth (FICAIJ) -- Venezuela, May 2013 Past and upcoming selections: * Festival Internacional de Cine de Lanzarote -- Spain, April 2013 * Chilemonos International Animation Festival -- Chile, May 2013 * International Film Festival for Children and Youth (FICAIJ) -- Venezuela, May 2013 * RabbitFest, Festival di Cinema di Animazione -- Italy, June 2013 * Neum Animated Film Festival -- Bosnia-Herzegovnia, June-July 2013 * Mundos Digitales Festival -- Spain, July 2013 * Supertoon -- Croatia, July-August 2013 * Anima Mundi -- Brazil, August 2013 * Anibar – Kosovo, August 2013 * Animated Eden – UK, September 2013 * Film Festival Oostende, Ensors – Belgium, September 2013 * KinoFest – Romania, September 2013 * Balkanima – Serbia, October 2013 * Shnit International Short Film Festival (non-competitive program) – Switzerland, October 2013 * KuanDu International Animation Festival – Taiwan, October 2013 * Miami International Animation Festival – USA, October 2013 * Banjaluka – Bosnia-Herzegovnia, October 2013 * ReAnimania – Armenia, October 2013 * Golden Orchid International Animation Festival – USA, November 2013 * Multivision – Russia, November 2013 * SIGGRAPH Asia – Hong-Kong, November 2013 * Expotoons – Argentina, November 2013 * BUtiful Film Festival – UK, November 2013 * Les Nuits Magiques – France, December 2013