very, very rough draft for final

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2011-11-21 1 282 Vimeo

Outline / Script: "Take a look at the following live performance clips, and pay attention to the audience's actions." Show stadium concert (play Billy Joel clip) "Here's one at a stadium" Show club concert (play Jimmy Eat World clip) "Here's one at a rock club" Show festival concert (play Arcade Fire @ Bonnaroo clip) "Here's one at a festival" Show concert hall (play classical clip) "And here's one at a concert hall." "Now, those were rather short clips, but you get an idea on the basic behaviors of attendees at a variety of musical spaces. (Re-play stadium clip) Look at the stadium crowd, here at a Billy Joel concert; we see some swaying, but most are stationary in their spots, not clapping or waving their hands or dancing. (Re-play club clip) On the other hand, we see a lively crowd at smaller shows, in this case at a Jimmy Eat World gig at a rock club. (Re-play festival clip) And here, take note of the festival crowd; seen here during an Arcade Fire performance at the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival, the fans are extremely lively. (Re-play concert hall clip) And on the contrary, the fans at concert halls are very reserved, respectful of the performers and only showing emotion, and perhaps their appreciation, at the conclusion of each piece. (Find stock clip of people walking, concession stands, excited music fans, applauding spectators) This is an idea I've been exploring throughout the past few months- how concerts are effected by that music space. Can musicians get their message across and touch the fans at a football stadium or coliseum or basketball arena as opposed to, say, a podunk bar? Why are festivals so lively, and concert halls seem somewhat conservative? (Play stills of Popped Festival logo, Shins images with "Ken Burns effect") Let me first recall a concert I attended myself- indie-rock band The Shins at Popped! Festival, a Philadelphia music festival held this past September. While it supposed to take place in a scenic outdoor park in South Philly, rain forced the concert to move indoors to the Temple University basketball arena and as a result, the entire atmosphere seemed to change. (Play clip from Popped 2011) Take a look at this clip of the Shins performing their opening song; while one would think it may generate excitement from the crowd, they remain somewhat motionless. (Play video from Popped 2008) Now here is a video from the 2008 Popped Festival, held outdoors. The audience is clearly consumed and taken over by the music, showing the change in overall vibe between outdoor and indoor festivals. (Play clip of "Australia" at Popped) To show this wasn't a fluke thing, check out these additional clips of the Shins. Here you see the band performing their hit "Australia" at the Popped Festival, and the crowd doesn't appear that enticed. (Play clip of "Australia" at Outside Lands) Now here is a clip of the band performing the exact same song at a the Outside Lands Festival, an outdoor festival in California. (Play clip of Shins at Montreal club) And finally, here is the group performing the same song at a Montreal rock club. It's evident how different the crowds are based upon the venue. (Continue with discussion on fan detachment with the performer from the upper decks of large venues, as outlined in the proposal, and the abundance of "casual fans") (Shift gears with discussion on clubs and bars. [Play comparison clips of Bon Jovi performing "Start Me Up" at an arena, and then at a small venue] Talk about physical closeness leading to a connection in clubs, and the perks of going to shows there. (Play clips from Elena's Soul Lounge] Discuss the environment at Elena's Soul Lounge for Blues Night) (Play stock clips and editorial footage or people at festivals) Now, I've mentioned outdoor festivals quite often, so let's touch on the atmosphere there. One grand appeal that most music festivals offer is a myriad of other attractions besides the music. I'm going to spotlight one famous American festival- the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival- as it portrays a typical, large-scale festival space. (Play clip of aerial footage from Bonnaroo) With multiple stages, a handful of artists, and food tents aplenty, the festivalgoer has multiple opportunities to enhance their experience with the large selection of activities going on. (Show clips of, in succession, the Decemberists, Florence and the Machine, and a comedy show from Bonnaroo) This past year, attendees of Bonnaroo could have seen, among other attractions, The Decemberists, Ray Lamontagne, Florence & the Machine, a full-length movie, and a comedy show- all of which were occurring at the same time. (Play clip of Bonnaroo fountain) And if none of those catch your fancy, you could cool off in Bonnaroo's signature mushroom fountain. What I'm trying to say is, the freedom festival crowds are offered strongly contributes to the atmosphere; the availability to choose where to go, attendances in the hundred-thousands, and vibrant outdoor setting creates that buzz throughout. (Proceed with a bit on concert halls, the "sophisticated" experience offered, absence of raucous cheers, dancing, eating/drinking. [Play clips of Yo Yo Ma, other symphonies] Mention class boundaries, respectfulness of attendees, and the "polite" clapping at the end of each piece played) Conclusion